Choosing Oat milk at coffee shops - an alternative luxury lifestyle in Taiwan?

Source: Oatly, Starbucks

When you go to coffee shops, you have to add price for oat milk instead of milk. Oat milk per bottle costs more than double of fresh milk does (and it’s long life milk not fresh). Almost all of the oat milk in Taiwan relies on imports. Very few are produced locally.

In Taiwan, the carbon footprints are obviously higher for using oat-milk. Isn’t that going against the environmental protection value in veganism? No wonder some people say that “oat milk is a middle-class scam”. Sometimes it seems that vegan-friendly products or meals in Taiwan are costly, somehow makes veganism become an alternative luxury lifestyle.

Plus, if your diet is looking for high protein and low carb, oat milk is definitely not a good choice, it contains more calories per millilitre than average low-fat milk or soy milk.